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So my friend gets into The Lorax, I get into The Raccoons, and for absolutely no decent reason I decided to combine our respective favourite characters...

(A less rational person probably would've just flat-out paired Cyril Sneer and Onceler together, but I'm not down for any war crimes here.)
He Was Sure Spectaculous by Fauna93
He Was Sure Spectaculous

Oh, Jack my buddy, he's so goddamn full of money
Workin' for a funny company for his father
He got a black satin shirt, best you could buy
A big fat straw hat to match his white tie
And a shiny .38 that'll look you straight in your eye

I couldn't help but draw another Spirou et Fantasio villain I'm fond of, Zantafio. I mostly listened to "Son of a New York Gun" by Gino Vannelli while sketching this, and I think it shows.

Zantafio's so entertaining; he's just such a trash lord. I need to draw him in his White Prince outfit from the Moscow album sometime soon.

Z is for Zealous by Fauna93
Z is for Zealous
Some Spirou and Fantasio fan art; the first piece I've done in a few years. I love Zorglub so much and I need to practice drawing him more.

Trying to make Zorglub's insignia with his token colours is a little difficult, considering how one wrong move and it looks like a certain nationalist logo (which is INCREDIBLY awkward, even considering that Zorgi's Jewish, isn't he? I think a friend confirmed this on Tumblr.)
PenePark by Fauna93
An art trade from Tumblr for my friend groovy-bastard. I've never drawn Thunderbirds characters before, so this was great practice!
Now, while I don't draw that much fan art for Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures, I do kind of hover in and out of the fanbase and watch episodes whenever they're out. Something's bugging me, and that's the presence of those making fun of self-insert fan characters.

The majority of the creators of these characters are rather young people (i.e. ages 11-16), and I don't see it as a problem that young people are making characters to "play in" the series with. I did the same thing with Darkwing Duck at age 12, creating about 4 or 5 female characters of a variety of ages and jobs; I'm really lucky nobody harassed me over them, because it was really therapeutic. What I'm trying to say is, I don't want to see any kids getting flack for making a character to hang out with their favourite characters.
בית ספר הולך טוב . בחינות גמר הם מגיעים, ואני די מודאג מזה .היה לי סיוט על לא עובר שיעורים...

מצאתי קרובי המשפחה היהודיות שלי שוב . אני מאוד מרוצה.

אין לי הרבה מה להגיד הפעם .אני לא ממש מגיע לאתר הזה יותר .אני רק רוצה שכולכם יודע שאני עושה טוב.


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I'm Fauna / יוכהנה. I love mobsters, robots, and writing about them. My current project is Westbury Detectives, a detective-on-mob adventure story infused with gay romances, and an ask blog for Giant Robo characters.

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