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I don't know where to find menorah candles in this damned city
The Raccoons Gijinka by Fauna93
The Raccoons Gijinka
You know that feeling when you're a third-year university student, and you suddenly start watching 30+ year old childhood cartoons again, and you become enamoured with Cyril Sneer, and you draw everybody as humans? No? Well, there's gotta be someone else like this out there.

I threw in Bert, too. As a kid, I always imagined the raccoons as being Aboriginal-Canadian if they were to be turned from raccoon to human, for some reason.
Pinky by Fauna93
I've been watching Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures a lot lately, for some reason. It's actually shockingly dark for a kid's show about a fat kid eating ghosts.

Pinky the ghost is a really interesting character beyond her frequent "jealous love interest" portrayal. She's someone's late daughter. How did she end up in the Netherworld under the wing of a genocidal tyrant? While she's not exactly my favourite character, I absolutely had to give her a shot and draw her.
What do you MEAN Dr. Yamanoue dies?
בית ספר הולך טוב . בחינות גמר הם מגיעים, ואני די מודאג מזה .היה לי סיוט על לא עובר שיעורים...

מצאתי קרובי המשפחה היהודיות שלי שוב . אני מאוד מרוצה.

אין לי הרבה מה להגיד הפעם .אני לא ממש מגיע לאתר הזה יותר .אני רק רוצה שכולכם יודע שאני עושה טוב.


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I'm Fauna / יוכהנה. I love mobsters, robots, and writing about them. My current project is Westbury Detectives, a detective-on-mob adventure story infused with gay romances, and an ask blog for Giant Robo characters.

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